Vida Senior Centers Hold Vigil for El Paso and Dayton


Seniors at the Vida Senior Centers held a candlelight vigil in support of the victims of El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio mass shootings.  22 people were gunned down in El Paso, and 9 in Dayton.  There has been  an increase of mass shootings in recent years, with over 250 taking place in the 225 days of the year.  Many attribute the increase targeted shootings towards minorities, and immigrants, to the negative discourse taking place in the nation, particularly with immigrants.  Seniors from the center, and others, prayed, and sang for the deceased and their families.  They are calling on our leaders to enact common sense gun laws to prevent guns ending in the wrong hands.  They are calling for measures like, background checks, and more mental health screening for individuals buying guns.  The event took place on August 9th, 2019, at the Sun Trust Plaza in Washington DC.  About 100 people showed up for the late planned vigil, mostly seniors from the Vida Senior Centers.       


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