DC Statehood Congressional Delegation in Iowa


The DC Statehood Congressional Delegation visited Iowa during the Iowa Caucuses. The Delegation made up of Senator Paul Strauss, Senator Michael Brown, and Representative Franklin Garcia joined the organization Iowans for DC Statehood during the Iowa Caucuses. Iowa is notorious for attracting national and international media attention during their primaries, because they are the first primary state in the nation. The Iowa Caucuses were held on February 3rd, 2020. The second state to host primaries will be New Hampshire on February 11th, 2020. During the Caucuses DC’s Congressional Delegation, met with Iowan voters, Presidential candidates, held rallies in support of DC Statehood, and helped promote introductions of DC Statehood Resolutions during the Caucuses meetings in Iowa. They also rented a bus with the DC Statehood logo which toured much of the city of Des Moines during the weekend of the Caucuses. This is the second time the Delegation travels to Iowa to promote DC Statehood.

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Franklin Garcia served as US Representative (Shadow) for the District of Columbia (2014-2020) and former President of the DC Latino Caucus. Cutting edge technology has been the career focus for Franklin. He holds various certifications in Information Technology, and is employed as a Senior Systems Administrator. He holds an undergraduate degree in Finance from the George Washington University and a Master of Arts degree in Financial Economics for Public Policy from the American University. You can email Franklin at fgarcia@maestropc.com, or follow him on twitter @ fgarciadc.


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