2018 DC Statehood Champions Honorees


The DC Statehood Congressional Delegation continues the tradition of honoring organizations and individuals that have helped move us closer to DC Statehood. Please join Representative Franklin Garcia, Senator Paul Strauss, and Senator Michael Brown as they honor these distinguish organizations and individuals on Saturday, December 15th, 2018:

  • Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA) (Jeanny Ho) – The CCBA of Washington DC was founded in the 1940s and formally registered in 1952; it is comprised of 30 prestigious groups. The CCBA helps put together a number of events in the DC Metro Area, including the Chinese New Year Parade. We honor Jeanny Ho from the Parade Committee for her inclusion and outreach to the DC Statehood Congressional Delegation and other local elected officials.
  • DCTV – DCTV is Washington, DC’s only television station devoted entirely to local programming created by and for DC and metropolitan area communities. DCTV allows all of Washington DC, and beyond, to be educated on the issue of DC Statehood, through its programing, and the airing of the DC Statehood Today Show. The staff at the station has been supportive and encouraging.
  • Students for DC Statehood (Noah Wills) – This organization has branched to nearly every college campus in DC, and there is an aggressive strategy to continue expanding to other states. Noah Wills, a recent graduate of American University, has done extensive DC Statehood work, including recruiting other students, and hosting DC Statehood panels on campus, while heading the chapter at AU.
  • Mike Arnold – A young professional, has contributed countless volunteer hours at the DC Statehood Office. His devotion to the cause has made him commit many more hours than he probably can afford, but he understands the seriousness of the issue. Everyone at the office is very appreciative, and we want to show our gratitude so we decided to start with this thank you recognition.
  • Johnny Barnes – Known as the people’s attorney in DC, attorney Barnes, is one of the leading voices of the DC Statehood fight. Mr. Barnes has held key positions in Congress, worked as the Executive Director for the DC Chapter of the ACLU, and is now in private practice.
  • Frank Barr – With deep roots, and born in DC, Frank Barr is an artist that is passionate about DC Statehood. You will find Frank employing his video and music talent in every opportunity he finds to promote DC Statehood; and is always proud to hear a DC Flag pin with any attire.
  • Jesse Garcia, LULAC Lambda – with the mission to mobilize and strengthen the LGBTQI and Latino Communities of Washington, DC through community and civic engagement, LULAC Lambda is part of The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the oldest Hispanic civil rights organization in the US. We honor Jesse Garcia, who is with us in this fight, and who has been instrumental in exposing our fight for DC Statehood to all communities.
  • Janice Haynes Davis – Janice co-chairs the DC Statehood Committee on the DC Democratic State Committee. She uses a national platform to push for DC Statehood on the DNC and engages women throughout the nation on conversations related to DC Statehood.
  • Royal Height – known as the Music Ambassador, Mr. Height is a musician that lends his talent to the cause. He is the author of a number of hit songs for many social causes, including the DC Statehood song, played at many parades.
  • Barbara Helmick – For Barbara the fight for DC Statehood never stops. She is currently the Director of Programs at DCVote, the leading non-profit organization in DC that works to fight for equality for the disenfranchised residents of the District of Columbia.
  • Rev. Dr. George E. Holmes – Reverend Holmes understands that action and praying go hand in hand. His many prayers have lifted our spirits when the path to continuing our fight was not very clear. Rev. Holmes leads many efforts in the city and nationally. We are blessed he is with us in this fight.
  • Anise Jenkins – Ms. Jenkins is the only repeat on this year’s list of awardees. We honored her the last time the awards were given in 2016. This is a testament to the contributions of Ms. Jenkins for DC Statehood. Ms. Jenkins is creative and tries every route she can think of to promote our fight and get us more local and national attention. She is the Executive Director of FreeDC – Statehood Now!
  • Dr. Silvia Martinez – Dr. Martinez is currently the President of the DC Latino Caucus, and was recently elected National Committee Women of DC for the Democratic Party. She ensures that Latinos in the city understand what is at stake for the Latino community as it relates to DC Statehood.
  • Sandra L Morgan –You can find activist Sandra, or Mama Sandy, as her Facebook fans know her, with the folks of FreeDC –Statehood Now, everywhere. She has made DC Statehood a main dish in her plate, and we are pleased and encouraged every time we see her.


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