Hundreds Show Up to 4th Presidential State Of The Union (SOTU) Address at Local 16


Over 300 people showed up to watch President Obama deliver his 4th State Of The Union (SOTU) address at Local 16 in Washington DC.  The event hosted by Network for Progress, the DC Latino Caucus, and other organizations attracted a young crowd that was eager to hear President Obama layout his priorities for the coming year.  In its  fourth year, the State of the Union watch party is an event that brings together mostly young progressive democrats to network and socialize.  Last year’s event was also hosted at Local 16 and attracted a similar crowd.  

The President’s address included key issues like gun control, immigration reform, the economy and foreign policy.  And while the President’s speech met most expectations, organizers and attendees were hoping the President would have addressed DC’s long standing plight for Congressional representation.  Recently, DC Mayor Vincent Gray reached out to the Obama Administration ascertaining the possibility that the President would address DC’s lack of Congressional representation during the address to the nation.  Many in the city thought the possibility to have the President take on the issue during his speech increased after the President agreed to place the “Taxation Without Representation” license plates on the presidential limousine during Inaugural weekend.

The President’s speech at Local 16 was preceded with remarks by DC Councilwoman and DC Democratic Party Chair, Anita Bonds.  The Councilwoman told the crowd that she was the latest member of the DC Council, recently elected by the DC Democratic Party.  She talked about the work she is doing on the Council and reminded attendees the importance of continuing to support President Obama.


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