DC Democrats Make DC Council Appointment


The DC Democratic State Committee will be making an At-Large interim DC Council appointment on Monday, December 10th, 2012 at 7:00 PM. The meeting for the appointment will take place at the Caldwell Hall, located at Catholic University of America, 620 Michigan Avenue NE, Washington DC. About 80 members of the DC Democratic State Committee will appoint this interim DC Councilmember that will serve on the DC Council until a permanent member is elected at a special election scheduled by the DC Board of Elections for April 23, 2013. Three candidates will be up for consideration at the appointment meeting, they are: John Capozzi, Doug Sloan and Anita Bonds. For more information on this process and to learn more about the candidates, please visit www.dcdemocraticparty.org

To hear from the candidates that spoke at the last DC Democratic State Committee meeting held on Thursday, December 6, please view video below.


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