DC Statehood PAC Kickoff

The DC Statehood PAC kickoff event took place on September 14, 2022 at the home of Karen and George Marcou.  The keynote speakers were DC Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and Maryland Congressman Jamie Raskin.  A group of DC Statehood supporters, under the leadership of Lorie Masters, created the DC Statehood PAC to use it as a vehicle to further the efforts for DC Statehood.   The PAC has a board that includes many community activists from around the city.  The group hopes to raise money from donations, and events to support DC Statehood.   A Bill for DC Statehood has passed the US House of Representatives twice, and is now waiting for passage in the US Senate, where it needs additional support.  The DC Statehood PAC is working to get additional members of the Senate to support DC Statehood before this Congress is over. 


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