Evento del Mes de la Herencia Afroamericana / Black History Month Event


    Tertulia sobre el tema de los Afro-Latinos en el marco del mes de la herencia Afroamericana con:/ Discussion on the topic of Afro-Latino during Black history month with: Roland Roebuck, Activista Afro-Latino/Afro-Latino Activist, Dinorah Coronado, Escritora/Author, María Icelsa Vargas, Presidente, FUNDAPRO-RD, Moderador: Franklin Garcia Presidente, DC Latino Leadership Council. February 2022.

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    Franklin Garcia served as US Representative (Shadow) for the District of Columbia (2014-2020) and former President of the DC Latino Caucus. Cutting edge technology has been the career focus for Franklin. He holds various certifications in Information Technology, and is employed as a Senior Systems Administrator. He holds an undergraduate degree in Finance from the George Washington University and a Master of Arts degree in Financial Economics for Public Policy from the American University. You can email Franklin at fgarcia@maestropc.com, or follow him on twitter @ fgarciadc.


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