14th meeting of the Electoral College for the District of Columbia


dcelectorsHere is a photo from Monday’s 14th meeting of the Electoral College for the District of Columbia (Anita Bonds, Jack Evans, Franklin Garcia).  It was an honor to vote on behalf of the people’s choice (both DC’s and nationally) to be President.  The ceremony was short and well organized.  We had members of the community, the Press, the Republican Party, and of course our Democratic Party.

The election may not have turned out as we would have liked, but we in DC should be proud of our effort.  We not only had much of our people travelled the country to support our candidate, but we showed our support with one of the highest percentage ever given to a candidate in a General Election for President, since having the right to vote in presidential elections (23rd Amendment, 1961).

Special thanks to our DC Democratic Party Chair, Anita Bonds, for leading us through a great Primary, an incredible Convention in Philadelphia, and finally the General Election.  Most of us that experienced any part of it, will have it last a life time.

Now let’s look forward to the future.  This is a great opportunity to engage many of the people that are not happy, or that for the first time took part in this process.  I know it is easy to find every flaw in our Party; and you’ll find plenty of reasons why it went the way it did, but as my friend Hector Rodriguez says, before you get ready to throw out the baby with the bath water, remember who we are and what we stand for.  We were not advocating for banning people from the country based on their religious belief, we never said that women should be punished for choosing what they do with their bodies, nor did we ever send any message to treat women with less than the respect and dignity every human deserves.  We weren’t talking about engaging in torture, or building walls.  We were the crowds that reflect the diverse country we are, the message of hope that has insured millions of Americans, and given young DREAMERS the opportunity to live up to their God given potential.

Let’s simply all come together and celebrate the victory DC Statehood received at the Poll, the DC Statehood Champions we honored recently, and yes, the coming of a new President that will be a resident in our city.


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