Members of Puerto Rico Shadow Congressional Delegation Meet with Washington, DC’s Delegation


Washington, DC – As Puerto Rico launches its congressional delegation, known as the Statehood Commission, shadow Representatives Pedro Rosselló and Alfonso Aguilar met Thursday with Washington, DC shadow Senators Paul Strauss and Michael D. Brown, and shadow Representative Franklin García to share experiences, accomplishments and discuss Puerto Rico’s and the District’s lack of voting representation in Congress.

“I welcome our friends and fellow citizens from Puerto Rico and stand with them in their fight for equality through statehood,” said U.S. shadow Senator Michael D. Brown.

“I am pleased to have met with Washington, DC’s shadow delegation to the U.S. Congress. We have much to learn from Washington, DC’s arduous fight for equal rights. Today we held what I believe will be the first of many productive meetings,” said shadow Representative and Commission Chairman Pedro Rosselló.

Unlike the 50 states, Puerto Rico, a territory, and Washington, DC, a federal district, do not have voting representation in the United States Congress. Its shadow delegations aim to lobby Congress to achieve statehood.

“The U.S. citizens of the District and Puerto Rico do not share equal rights with the citizens of the States,” said shadow Representative Alfonso Aguilar. “Today we shared experiences and discussed common ground with the District’s shadow delegation.”


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