DC Council At-Large Candidates Face-Off During First Candidates Forum


The first forum for the April 23rd DC Council At-Large special election took place at One Judiciary Square last night. The forum was put together by DC for Democracy.  Eight candidates that met the 3000-signature deadline with the DC Board of Elections were invited to participate in the forum. All candidates showed up, except for former Councilmember Michael Brown. It is unclear the reason why Mr. Brown did not attend forum. Candidates were given 2 minutes for introductory remarks, and after each had one minute to answer questions. All candidates had an opportunity to answer the same questions. Towards the end of the forum, the format changed a bit, and candidates asked questions to each other. The candidates that participated in the forum were: Anita Bonds, Matthew Frumin, Patrick Mara, Perry Redd, John F. Settles II, Elissa Silverman and Paul Zukerberg. Some of the issues addressed included the city’s surplus, public schools, statehood, and low-income housing. The forum, which lasted almost 2 hours, was carried live on Jutin.tv and it is now on-line at the links below:

For other segments, please visit: http://www.youtube.com/dcireporter


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